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Quote Board


Here is my last quote of the semester. This one comes from my favorite TV show Parks and Recreation.


Study Night

Last night first floor had a study night in the basement conference room. This program ga20170217_172901000_iosve people a chance to hangout, meet new people, and be productive at the same time. (I promise Andy and Zach were productive, it just doesn’t look that way in the picture haha)

Weekly Update

Hello! I hope everyone had a great first week and ready for another one. This week there is plenty of stuff to do around campus. The involvement fair is happening Tuesday through Thursday inside the Student Center. Also, Men’s Basketball Wednesday at 7:00pm, Intro to digital cameras on Thursday, from 6:00-8:00 in the Student Center and The Haus of Music Series starts back up on Thursday at 6:00 in the Haus. Feel free to talk to me about any of the programs or check out the Platteville website calendar.

Homecoming week

Hello everyone!

This week is homecoming week and it is full of stuff to do to be social and be apart of the campus. Homecoming week starts today and goes till next Saturday when they have the football game and lighting of the M. For a full list of things to do this week you can follow the link below or ask myself or anyone else on the McCoop staff about what’s going on this week. Hope to see you all involved and having a great week. https://www.uwplatt.edu/cpr/homecoming