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Blood Drive is Here!!!

Hello everyone this week the blood drive is coming to Platteville. Checkout our new bulletin board that has information about the blood drive and some little fun facts about the blood drive. #yoursomebodytype




This Board is not original to me, this is a National awareness to get people thinking about men’s health. All you have to do to participate is don’t shave. You can trim, look professional, etc. but the bottom line is that you keep your facial hair to raise awareness for cancer. I also find it fun to participate in because you get to see how close, or far way your own facial hair is to being a beard. Check out the board for more information!NovemBeard


How much is too much?


Hello everyone,

I put this board up so that everyone is aware of the different stages of drinking as well as what it means to be in a certain stage. Alcohol affects your entire body and this board helps show how your body is effected physically as well as mentally based off of the different stages.