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If the world were 100 people


I love this board because it puts everything in perspective of just how big and diverse the world actually is.


United We Stand


Last Sunday people from around campus came together at an event called United We Stand to talk about differences, inclusion and seeing things from other peoples point of view. The fun twist was that it was lead by two comedians. One was a Muslim and the other was Jewish. They both talked about their background and the hate that they have been associated with. They then talked about how people should laugh more often and relax and stop being hostile but rather be informed. It was interesting to see a new way of thinking about hard topics to talk about. If you want more information about this event or events like it you can click here it’ll bring you to the webpage for the two comedians. Also, you can click here for more information about events that Platteville will be holding for the United We Stand Campaign.