Environmental Advicocey

Check out these posters that are up. They have some great facts on some reasons to reduce our electrical and water wastes. A few ways to do this is to turn off the lights when not home, unplug your laptop when not in use, take a 5 min less shower, don’t leave the water running when you brush your teeth.



Racing Relaxation

To help with productivity there was an event on Thursday to sit, play some games before being stressed out about finals. There were a couple people to come down and hang out, drink soda, and play video games on a Thursday night. Very Fun!


20171214_183512 (1)

A Spaghetti dinner

This program was meant to help people learn how to cook and eat a spaghetti meal. I have been cooking for awhile and want to help guys who have never cooked before learn how to make an easy meal. In pop culture men typically are portrayed with awful cooking skills, I hope that I can bring down this stereotype by passing on my knowledge. Besides that I think we all had a lot of fun too!Program #1



This Board is not original to me, this is a National awareness to get people thinking about men’s health. All you have to do to participate is don’t shave. You can trim, look professional, etc. but the bottom line is that you keep your facial hair to raise awareness for cancer. I also find it fun to participate in because you get to see how close, or far way your own facial hair is to being a beard. Check out the board for more information!NovemBeard


McGregor Hall