A Spaghetti dinner

This program was meant to help people learn how to cook and eat a spaghetti meal. I have been cooking for awhile and want to help guys who have never cooked before learn how to make an easy meal. In pop culture men typically are portrayed with awful cooking skills, I hope that I can bring down this stereotype by passing on my knowledge. Besides that I think we all had a lot of fun too!Program #1




This Board is not original to me, this is a National awareness to get people thinking about men’s health. All you have to do to participate is don’t shave. You can trim, look professional, etc. but the bottom line is that you keep your facial hair to raise awareness for cancer. I also find it fun to participate in because you get to see how close, or far way your own facial hair is to being a beard. Check out the board for more information!NovemBeard


Happiness Runs

This board is all about why being happy is healthy, and reasons to be happy. In our day to day busy life it is hard to remember everything, and forgetting why we are or have been happy is not good. So I put up some reminders with this board, Check it out pioneers!Happiness Runs



Escape Room, Homecoming 2017!

After a few hour long delays, this team successfully escaped the room with three minuets to spare! While we waited for the event to start we talked about how are weeks will be or have been, a few of the things we like to do, and  we cant forget all the jokes that were exchanged. Cant wait for next year’s escape room!



Smash bros through the ages

The program was held last Saturday, and the idea was to get as many systems that can play Super Smash Bros in one room and have everyone play. We had the N64, GameCube, Wii, and the WiiU versions all in one room ready to play. When people started walking through it was a very fun success where we got to play a tournament and all hangout.



Homecoming is here!

If you want to see a few more events this week, check this out! It has everything you need to know to be involved this week. If you have any questions, or just want to chat stop by my door!

Homecomming 2017!!!!