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About The Author!

Hello Everyone,
My name is Michael Roemer. I’m the new RA for 1 West. I am a junior, studying Criminal Justice with a minor in Art. I enjoy Drawing, listening to all kinds of music, and watching movies. I will continue posting events and activities that are both on the wing and on campus. I will be sure to keep you all updated!

Welcome back and I hope you all had a great break!



Hello and welcome to McGregor 1 west. My name is Brian and I’ll be your RA. My room is 109 so feel free to stop by.

Throughout the year I’ll be posting in here to keep everyone well informed and connected. I’ll be updating this often so hopefully everyone is staying up to date!

Other posts on here are from the RA from last year, Brandon. So we get to make this page our own but older posts will still be in here.

If there are specific things you’d like to see on here please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

I hope you all have a great move in weekend.

Brian C


Bear with me here, Salsa is an acronym by the United We Stand speaker tonight, Stan Pearson. Salsa means Support, Action, Learning, Strive, Acceptance. Stan uses this acronym in his motivational comedy routines, and coupled with audience participation (and dancing!) he has a very entertaining. Stan’s main mission is to help people find their inner sexy. He helps people feel good about themselves, and the part of Stan’s message I’d like to highlight is the Acceptance part. He explained that everything that happens, good or bad, has it’s place it needs to be put in. The case he used was with his parents, and how his dad lost his mother. Stan asked him if he thinks about her and he said of course, he thinks about her everyday. But he said that doesn’t stop him from living his life and being the person he needs to be. Another way to put it is think of a memory from your past that you probably cried about, but now you can look back and laugh? That’s putting things in the right place. You can’t let things keep you from being who you need to be. Also, during Stan’s speech, he had everyone line up and Salsa dance, and it was a lot of fun! Dancing with a stranger isn’t that weird and Salsa dancing isn’t as hard as I thought either! If you have any questions or want more info about Stan, come find me and I’d be glad to share more!


Hello everyone! My name is Brandon and this is our community page for 1 West in McGregor Hall! Feel free to explore and check back often, because all updates will appear on the webpage for the whole year! Let’s have a fantastic year!