Quote Board


Here is my last quote of the semester. This one comes from my favorite TV show Parks and Recreation.


Fruit door decs


These awesome door decorations were brought to us by Amber after she owed me another one. They look awesome but especially the watermelon on kiwi. Make sure to take advantage of the warmer weather and eat different fruit that is coming into season so that way everyone is healthy for the upcoming exams.

Politics in Sports


This past Tuesday Trevor and I had Dr. Travis Nelson in to talk about the influences politics have in sports as well as give a little sneak peak at what his new class will be like next semester when he turns this lecture into a class. It was a great time and it really opened my eyes to ideas I had no idea about.

Quote Board

20170413_210159211_iOS I recently updated the quote board and this one comes from RA Trevor on fourth floor. He said it was one of his favorites and I understand why.